The first and second term is geared into focusing on the placement and very basic technique in the different styles taught at the school. This is to ensure that each student develops a solid technique.

The students will be taught in ballet, jazz, contemporary, dance, musical theatre dance and tap.

During the last three terms the students will keep up the technical work that  is now pushed up to a higher level to match the criteria waiting at the auditions for the full time programs and jobs.

The school will invest in each student pushing their individual physical ability to their highest potential. Meaning don't skip ahead of any stages on your journey before you move on.

At the end of the academic school year the student will perform in front of a professional panel that after will give their feedback to each student individually.

Course Contents

  • Core training in ballet to increase balance, coordination and to improve body awareness through posture and alignment.

  • Core training in jazz to learn precise techniques of turns, isolations kicks, and leaps and Increase flexibility and develop core strength.

  • Core training in contemporary classes to learn the precise techniques of swings, contractions,drops of weight and fullness of movements.

  • Training in musical dance were the student will learn classic repertoire and samples from past and current choreographies from the musical industry.

  • Core training in tap to understand and develop fundamental footwork and combinations and how to isolate parts of the body in order to define a movement and sound. Posture and coordination of arms, feet and head.