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At Central you will work on core vocal techniques designed to give students a foundation in singing and performance skills.

The course is formulated to build confidence and skills through a practical approach. The classes are highly tuned in to developing the individual student and the level of technique and experience they come to the school with.

Together with the teacher the students will build a solid singing portfolio that match the criteria of musical theatre shows and further diploma educations. The classes are fun and technical were the goal is for the student to discover a new found confidence in technique and performance.

Course Contents

  • Basic singing technique

  • Breathing and support

  • Discover your range and learn how to use it.

  • The collaboration of body and voice

  • Interpretation - telling the story through lyrics and music

  • Basic knowledge of voice anatomy and function during singing and speech

  • Group classes- learn how to sing in a group and to developing your ability to sing in harmony

  • Basic sheet music knowledge



The acting classes will dress the student with core technique but most importantly to build the trust and skill to develop personal confidence, imagination and creativity for coming auditions and stage work.

The first step of the course is therefore focused on carefully selected exercises to help the students to get out of their comfort zone and start to develop together as a group in a safe environment. The classes will contain both group work and individual work where you will  engage with methods to improve observation, listening and adding truth in performance.

Together with the teacher you will  choose a matching monologue that in the end of the course will be performed and commented on at a showcase in front of a professional panel active in the business.

Course Contents

  • Group exercises, drama games and improvisation

  • A range of approaches to acting technique

  • Understanding and developing characters

  • Act-react

  • Exploring the use of voice and body through vocal and physical exercises

  • Find your character and feel comfortable with a monologue for audition use.



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The first and second term is geared into focusing on the placement and very basic technique in the different styles taught at the school. This is to ensure that each student develops a solid technique.

The students will be taught in ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, musical theatre dance and tap.

During the last three terms the students will keep up the technical work that  is now pushed up to a higher level to match the criteria waiting at the auditions for the full time programs and jobs.

The school will invest in each student pushing their individual physical ability to their highest potential. Meaning don't skip ahead of any stages on your journey before you move on.

Course Contents

  • Core training in ballet to increase balance, coordination and to improve body awareness through posture and alignment.

  • Core training in jazz to learn precise techniques of turns, isolations kicks, and leaps and Increase flexibility and develop core strength.

  • Core training in contemporary classes to learn the precise techniques of swings, contractions,drops of weight and fullness of movements.

  • Training in musical dance were the student will learn classic repertoire and samples from past and current choreographies from the musical industry.

  • Core training in tap to understand and develop fundamental footwork and combinations and how to isolate parts of the body in order to define a movement and sound. Posture and coordination of arms, feet and head.



Term 1


August 12
October 11

9 weeks

Term 2


October 21
December 13

8 weeks

Term 3


January 6

5 weeks

Term 4


February 17
April 3

7 weeks

Term 5


April 14
May 15

5 weeks


3 Classes a Day

Monday - Friday

9:00 - 14:30


Autumn Holidays

Oct. 12 - 20 2019

Christmas Holidays

Dec.14 - Jan 5 2020

Winter Holidays

Feb. 15 - 23 2020

Easter Holidays

Apr. 4 - 13 2020