academic year 2019

Total Amount: 57,500 DKK

The fee can be paid in one go or in instalments.

An 11,500 DKK non-refundable holding deposit will be required payable no later than 3rd June 2019 for May auditions and 1st July 2019 for June auditions. This amount will be deducted from the overall fees.

The remainder balance of 46,000 DKK can then be paid in 'one-go' or in instalments.

For further information on deposits, payment terms and details, key dates and other information relating to finance and fees read here.

Payment instalments

  1. Instalment: 9,200 DKK on 12-08-2019

  2. Instalment: 9,200 DKK on 01-11-2019

  3. Instalment: 9,200 DKK on 03-01-2020

  4. Instalment: 9,200 DKK on 02-03-2020

  5. Instalment: 9,200 DKK on 01-05-2020

If you are having specific issues or any questions that you’d like to discuss, you can email or call us at +45 26858726.

Fees for the academic year commencing August 2019 will be announced soon.